The Wet Effect


The unforgettable king of rock was who started to drive this trend which now is proving very successful, the trend is the call; WET EFFECT giving effect to your hair as if wet.
Lately the gel is well known in the middle of fashion, elegant events. This effect is used to make it look more elegant and different which many of the people who use it come to get.
Some tips for using gel;
- Do not use the comb if you have stripes, lights or Shatush, – Do not use the comb if you have fine hair, thick, short or long. So I never use it, at least not on the side of the “teeth”. – Use the comb to pull the hair evenly. To do this, use the handle – the gel is applied in layers, from the threads around the neck gradually toward those bottom surface – and that the effect lasts dry the hair with a hair dryer a little “(the power to be a minimum to avoid damage to the hairdresser).
In products;
In terms of products, good as those proposed by Wella Professionals Sculpt Force Flubber Gel sculpting forms very sharp and with extraordinary shine and sealing ultra strong (more so when applied to wet hair). Moreover, for those who want a wet effect, perfect Prefessional elegantly system less extreme (a mousse that gives rigidity and body) and Sebastian Texturizer Liquid Gel (makes the hair structure flexible and malleable, perfect for smooth perfect or hedgehog with support).

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